How to respond to a world that is moving from a state of complexity into a state of increasing chaos?

Julia Culen
2 min readNov 30, 2021


We are witnessing a move from a complex to a chaotic context. Just one additional variable — lets take the appearance of the new Coronavirus variant Omicron — can put everything we thought we knew at stake. We can also see how the world and politicians are struggling to keep up by fighting reality with old reactive patterns, acting erratic and thus creating more chaos.

This is a situation that can’t be modeled even by simulation experts. We are forced to move out of our “predict and control” mode, as this would intensify the chaos and the suffering.

Wisdom Traditions can help us with their tools, designed to master unforeseeable situations. There are basically 5 key teachings serving us right now:

1. DETACHMENT means, that we go beyond our fixed concepts about the world and what is going on. We stay observers of a situation and not victims of our circumstances.

2. PRESENCE ist the art of staying aware, grounded and awake in the present moment. We are open to the world around us and the emotions and feelings inside us and act consciously.

3. BEGINNERS MIND means to look at the world with a curious openness. We don’t judge everything according to our old value systems and concepts that used to be functional in a different context.

4. SIMPLICITY — Simplify what you can simplify — and save energy and focus to deal with which is needed. One way of simplifying life is to get rid of stuff you don’t need, rituals that don’t serve you and energy suckers — be it actions, people or projects — that keep you busy without a positive effect for yourself.

5. CREATIVITY — Creativity stems from the state of Being — and gives you new ideas on how to respond not in the habitual way but in an appropriate form. This is the best part of it, there are no rules anymore.